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Technology Solutions

We offer, among other things, the following technological solutions to support corporate growth.

  • Mobile and Web Technologies
  • Customer Relationship Management Technologies
  • Collaboration and Project Management Apps
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Web-Based Payments
  • Technological Outsourcing
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Digital transformation

A company's procedures & processes must be rethought in the context of the digital age as part of "digital transformation."

We help in leveraging digital technologies to develop new business practises, cultural norms, and customer experiences in order to satisfy shifting customer and market demands .

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IT infrastructure management

IT infrastructure management comprises the management of IT rules and procedures, as well as the equipment, data, human resources, and outside contacts, like vendors or security groups, required to make sure that IT operations function smoothly and effectively.

Amber:  IT infrastructure management

Application maintenance & Support

With the help of our application support and maintenance services, we can make sure that all kinds of apps are highly available, dependable, and pertinent to your ever-changing business requirements.

You will receive the agreed-upon service in the predetermined time frame.

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We evaluate the software requirements for your business and provide tools to assist in making successful business operations.
We offer consulting services that assist clients in evaluating various technology strategies and, as a result, coordinating their technology plans with their business or process strategies.

"Collaborating to create a better future"

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Operating Philosophy

Our operating philosophy serves as the core conceptual foundation for how we aim to lead and manage the company, to serve our customers well.

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Design driven

We aim to design solutions in human centric approach where we focus on usage patterns, human behaviours and change adoption. Any design has to be initutive, friendly and "poka yoke" driven.
We have quickly learned, in our short history of operations, that design dilligence is fundamental to any business problem - if critical requirementa and needs are not recognised while designing, no amount of configuration and customisation can provide sustainibility & reliability.

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Ecosystem aware

We always want to design and develop solutions which are ecosystem aware - both upstream and downsteram.

With ever-evolving technology landscape, technology gets siloed and obsolete. The solution must be organic to its ecosystem and should cause minimal disruption during adoption.

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Customer centric

Understanding what promises have to be kept is very important.

We cannot deliver high impact solutions unless we understand underlying business dynamics and undercurrents. Technology must manifest what businesses and our customers intend to achieve.